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Our story

hi, I am Anita 
welcome on my page
my cynology adventure in short story

My adventure with dogs and all cynology world has started when I was 13. I always dreamed about my own, only my dog, even though dogs have always been at my home.

In 2004 I got my one and only samoyed boy, Eris z Reptowskiego Lasu. He was Polish Champion, and lived with me 12 great years.

I wanted something to always remind me of him. Therefore in 2011 I received confirmation from FCI of registering our kennel name - Anteris, from the connection of Anita and Eris.

In the meantime I've had also two french bulldogs, both left me too early with health problems.

My first whippet was Jugo, cause of him I am totally in love with this breed. Then two years later I fell in love with Blue Jasmine of Genle Mind, mother of my Hula - owned by Ekaterina Kristsova in Moscow, which I will be forever grateful for this little crazy girl.

In January 2020 Hula gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies, and one of them stayed with us - Esme. 

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